What we provide

Through various forms of Psychotherapy with special emphasis on Hypnosis & NLP, we conduct training programmes for doctors / general public in Counselling & Therapeutic Hypnosis. Our team of dedicated professionals give you the personal touch

Due to the nature of our practice, we give our patients the utmost in-care & service. Please excuse any delay. You will be given the same attention when you are in.


Proposed Activities

1. Publication of magazines and educational material related to mental health and development for therapists / general public.

2. Conducting correspondence courses in various areas of personal development

3. Service-oriented activities such as spreading awareness in the field of suicide prevention, de-addiction etc.

A panel of experts from various fields will be assessing the need of each individual or group and tailor-made programmes will be planned and executed at an affordable cost.

Innervision will arrange any of the above mentioned programme at subsidised rates, if a group of 20 persons or above is arranged by voluntary organizations anywhere in India.