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These courses are designed to enhance the overall performance of your child. Remember, there are no dull children – only dumb teaching methods which makes them so! Every child is innately talented and a potential genius; given the right environment and stimulation, it has the ability to excel beyond your wildest imagination.

Unfortunately, the present system of education gives importance only to rote memory and analytical activities of the brain; it does not address the creative abilities – so the hidden potentials in your child is not revealed.

Our courses are designed to awaken the multi-dimensional intelligence in your child. The methods employed gives a new direction to the learning process, making it a pleasurable experience. Using the hidden powers of the brain and the sub-conscious mind, our programmes are designed to bring out the excellence hidden inside every student.

They will–
Develop a burning desire to go up in life.
Practice methods to activate hidden powers of the sub-conscious mind by exploding all mental blocks.
Be able to develop a goal in their lives.
Learn Alpha Meditation and Positive Visualization.
Learn how to develop a super memory and techniques of effortless recall.
Become mentally alert and creative.
Be able to secure high marks / ranks in exams through Super Learning, Mind Maping and Mnemonics Techniques.
Learn how to boost brain power through scientifically investigated and validated methods and techniques.
Acquire the techniques of Goal Setting and learn its practical implementation.
Practice the art of stress-free learning.
Understand how to make exams a friend than a feared enemy.
Study with the end in mind (purposeful learning) instead of dumb learning for exams purpose alone.
Get to know their specific learning disabilities / blocks / fears and practice scientific techniques to overcome them.
Interactive and training-oriented, not merely theory based.
Workshops conducted in super-charged atmosphere involving role-playing, enacting, presentations & group discussions.
Mentoring – each and every child is personally moulded & taken care of.
Deep Counselling and Group Therapy Sessions – to remove those sub-conscious blocks.
Friendly and interactive faculty – to help them grow into healthy individuals in a loving atmosphere.
Steered by a devoted team of qualified trainers, “The Excellent You!!” is a course designed to launch your children into a great future. This scientifically updated course helps them develop their personal, academic and interpersonal skills like you never believed!


An International HRD Trainer of the JCI,

A well-known Paediatrician and Motivational Trainer,
An established Psychotherapist and Behavioural Science expert,
A dedicated Trainer in Educational Hypnosis, Yoga, Art of Relaxation, Memory and Martial Arts,
A NIMHANS trained Clinical Psychologist,
A Psychologist/Special Educator with a loving touch, and

Well-known Academicians and experts from various other fields…



Build confidence and Self-Esteem.
Learn Success Secrets.
Techniques for Inner Motivation.
Study / Exam Skills.
Relaxation and Stress Management.
Creative Visualization and Goal Setting.

Leadership Qualities, Public Speaking & Presentation Skills.

Self Control through Meditation and Hypnosis.
Develop Reading & Listening Power.
Specific topics from curriculum which the students may find tough.
Body and Mind Fitness Routine.
Instant Self-Defence Techniques.
>> Training Programmes